Episode 242 – (Season 7, Episode 10) – Ashton Gustafson, PART 1

Episode 242 (Season 7, Episode 10)

Ashton Gustafson – PART 1

Ashton is back! Our good friend, Ashton Gustafson, joins us to discuss all things real estate. We learn how to do it right—only way a Texas philosopher would do!

In fact, there’s so much good stuff here, that we ended up going longer than planned, so we turned a single episode into two. So light a candle, grab an etch-a-sketch, (to take notes like a baller), and sit back and relax as Ashton fills your head with all the knowledge you’ll ever need!



  • What was the last video game you played? [1:32]
  • Terry’s son whoops him in whiffle ball [2:15]
  • Terry compares himself to a couple of Hall of Fame QBs [4:22]
  • Ashton Gustafson joins The Boom Team [6:20]
  • #1 Tip for a good brisket:  Clean smoke [7:39]
  • “The older I get, the more quiet and simple my business becomes.” [10:20]
  • “Less but better.” [12:10]
  • You have to continuously do things that no one will know about. [15:04]
  • We need to reframe the “staying busy” question/answer [17:51]
  • How do you trust the process when you’re a new agent? [19:44]
  • How do you build trust? [21:28]




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