Episode 243 – (Season 7, Episode 11) – Ashton Gustafson PART 2

Episode 243 (Season 7, Episode 11)

Ashton Gustafson PART 2

Ashton returns in PART 2 to finish his interview with the Boom Team. (Okay, we’ll let you behind the curtain—we actually never let Ashton leave and just cut his longer interview into two pieces. Another behind-the-scenes Fun Fact—Todd continues to record his podcasts in Crocs, which we all think is very strange.)

As the interview wraps up, we and Mr. Gustafson head down the twin valuable roads of gratitude and simply being a friend.

So much wisdom and insight from one of the industry’s best! Enjoy the conclusion of The Boom Team’s interview with Ashton Gustafson. (Seriously, Todd! Take off the Crocs!)



  • “Watch your language” [1:40]
  • What really is the engine of your business [3:54]
  • Sustainability, predictability, and profitability cause “freakout mode” [5:44]
  • Gratitude increases your capacity to appreciate things more [7:30]
  • Where are the “coarse black pepper” moments of your life? [9:21]
  • Gratitude is the missing piece, even for billionaires [11:37]
  • You need to have a practice to penetrate illusion and touch reality [13:41]
  • Find the human in you [15:43]
  • People will be attracted to the authentic, non-salesy you [17:51]





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