Episode 244 – (Season 7, Episode 12) Vacation – Before You Go

Episode 244 (Season 7, Episode 12)

Vacation – Before You Go

This entire season has all been about finding happiness in real estate and there is no greater joy in real estate than to take some time to stop practicing real estate!

Producer Christian, Megan, Terry, and Todd are going to take you on a vacation ride through the next three episodes. From the beginning stages of planning your vacation, all the way through the enjoyment of the vacation itself. Finally, we wrap up with how to catch up after vacation.

We’ll detail everything so you can finally take that trip to the Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada without any worries! Sit back. Put on your motion sickness glasses and enjoy the ride!



  • Who’s to blame, Todd or his counselor? [1:50]
  • Megan has skated through life! [4:18]
  • Terry could cite scientific facts to wow you, but will not [5:38]
  • There are two types of vacations you can take [7:57]
  • Vacation Tip #1:  Schedule it! [9:52]
  • Vacation Tip #2:  Identify your on-call backup [11:45]
  • How best to compensate the person covering you [14:14]
  • Vacation Tip #3:  Prep your backup [16:35]
  • Vacation Tip #4:  Prep your clients [19:15]
  • How “off the grid” will you be? [21:33]
  • Vacation Tip #5A:  Prep your colleagues [22:12]
  • Vacation Tip #6:  Prep your tech [24:04]
  • Christian’s hot take on auto-responders [25:29]
  • Producer Christian sneaks in a jingle [27:20]
  • Vacation Tip #7:  Over-communicate [29:07]
  • The Boom Dating Game! [30:26]
  • Question:  Where was your favorite place to speak? [33:21]
  • Answer:  Megan reveals her favorite place was… [37:02]





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