Episode 245 – (Season 7, Episode 13) – Vacation – While You’re Gone

Episode 245 (Season 7, Episode 13)

Vacation – While You’re Gone

Season 7 rolls on and so does your official vacation that you’ve decided to take—all because of The Boom Team and their inspirational episode. (By the way, where are you going? We hope it has virgin strawberry daiquiris for the kids! Also, why are you listening to this podcast on your vacation?Sheesh!)

In this episode entitled “Vacation”, the Team gets right into the nitty gritty about the actual DOs and DON’Ts about how to do a real estate vacation appropriately. They also talk about how to do “Wheel of Fortune” appropriately. But let’s get done with work first before you go visit Pat and Vanna.

Regardless of whether you’re taking a “Wheel of Fortune” vacation or your own, all that you’ll ever need to know is just a click away. So hit “Play”, put on some sunscreen, and get all vacation-y! 



  • The Team needs work on their slow clap [1:26]
  • The Team reminisces about the very beginning days [3:29]
  • The Team makes thunder…..kind of [4:18]
  • “Our kids are so dumb!” – Todd [7:24]
  • Tip #1:  Decide what the rhythm is going to look like [9:59]
  • Gotta double down on what your vacation goals are [11:53]
  • Be present to the moment [12:44]
  • “Most of your clients won’t be at your funeral.” – Terry [14:19]
  • It’s “The Boom Dating Game”! [16:40]
  • Our prediction:  “Wheel of Fortune” will out perform The Boom Podcast [17:48]
  • The team gets deep into the Showroom of “Wheel of Fortune” [19:48]
  • Dating Question:  “The perfect podcast partner is one who…” [20:23]
  • Terry goes positive [23:11]
  • Leave your phone and laptop at home! [24:17]
  • Have an assistant monitor your email [26:16]
  • “When you’re on vacation, be on vacation.” – Terry [29:10]





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