Episode 247 – (Season 7, Episode 15) – Season 7 Outro

Episode 247 (Season 7, Episode 15)

Season 7 Outro

What a Season 7 it has been! The Boom Team entered the season asking an age old question:  Can you actually be happy in real estate? And, by the end of the season, they proved you truly can be happy in real estate!

The truth is you CAN be happy in real estate, but it doesn’t mean that it will just magically happen for you. It will take work, focus, and dedication. But if you plan properly, you too can be happy in real estate!

Thank you for joining us for another dynamite season of advice, thoughts, and shenanigans! We enjoy what we do and hope you find joy in what you do as well! The whole Boom Team hopes you reach all of your real estate goals this year—all while experiencing the true joy of a well rounded life! Hoots to you!



  • Horses behind and a dog in the lap, the show starts! [1:28]
  • How would you handle a snake? [2:30]
  • Megan takes us back through Season 7 with a quick recap [4:16]
  • Producer Christian will protect you from a snake [5:41]
  • Todd goes back through the tactics used to be happy in real estate [6:50]
  • Todd’s brain barely fits in his head [8:32]
  • Recap of how to take a vacation in real estate [11:02]
  • Final installment of The Boom Dating Game! [12:40]
  • Question:  I think my podcast partners are… [14:17]
  • Terry and Todd go very different directions on their answers [15:34]
  • Producer Christian thinks that his podcast partners are funny [17:59]
  • Terry’s final takeaway:  “Trust the process” [19:10]
  • Todd’s final takeaway:  Find that “work-life balance” [20:33]
  • Do you still carol? [22:06]
  • Megan’s final takeaway:  “The need to be proactive” [22:53]
  • Producer Christian’s final takeaway:  You have to keep fighting for happiness [24:00]
  • The final a cappella Season 7 jingle! [26:20]





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